5 Top Rated Summer’s Best Bass Lures

This the season for catching bass, and to do so, you will need the best bass lures to keep your bite strong even in the dog days of summer. With warmer weather brings more lukewarm water, which is when bass is less active and will look for water elsewhere. This will usually be water between 50 and 70 degrees. It is in your best interest to choose bass lures based on the time of the season. You should choose a lure that is better at targeting bass in different conditions. That is why we are here to help you find the summer’s best bass lures.

Early Summer Bait

There is a world of difference between the early summer, mid-summer, and end of summer. Early summer will be your ideal time to fish, because fish will be more likely to be out during those months with less heat. Normally 60 to 70 degrees is the temperature you will most likely find them in.

During these times, you will find some bass traveling and others staying in a solitary spot. Additionally, you will find that the early summer brings rain, which causes water levels to increase. During those times, you will often find bass by dock walls. Choosing the right kind of bait during these months is also of utter importance. You can learn more and about some of the best baits for this time of the year with this user-friendly video.

Time of the Bass

If you cannot get to fishing in the early summer or if you have not quite gotten your fill once mid-summer comes along, you can always fish between dusk and nine am, when low light makes the water cooler and calmer. In fact, that time of day is good to fish really any time of the summer.

That does not mean you should count late afternoons out, though. Towards the end of the summer, the sun will get lower which will create excellent conditions for topwater lures. These primetime’s range from five pm to sundown.

Frogging, Skipping, and Punching​

There are a number of techniques to use that can help you catch your bass. Frogging is a popular option where you entice bass by hiding under surface weeds. See how to do just that here.

Another technique is to skip plastic worms. This will lure the bass to you so long as you are accurate with how you move your bait along.​

Finally, punching is a great technique where you can make the bait break the surface weeds and sink to the bottom, luring the fish in once again.​

This Summer’s Best Bass Lures Picks for You​

#1 Rebel Lures Crickhopper Fishing Lure

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  • This product floats like a real grasshopper or cricket. That means that it is likely to fool a bass into thinking that it is actually their next meal.
  • It can be jerked so that the movements seem lifelike to bass who will them be more likely to latch onto the bait.
  • This lure is lightweight, which makes it easy to reel, even when there is a bass on it


  • The colors can sometimes be bland on these. This will mean that it will not attract fish as one would hope sometimes. Although that is not always an issue.
  • This is a small lure so that it will work best in ponds or small rivers, not lakes or the ocean.

#2 Booyah Bait Company Poppin’ Pad Crasher Fishing Lure

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  • This product creates lifelike swimming actions in the water so bass will think it is a fish actually swimming.
  • The lure is light, making reeling in your bass simpler.T
  • The popping action is quite realistic meaning it will attract more bass.
  • It moves well through lily pads.


  • This is very similar to some other products that it is cheaper then, meaning that the quality is not as good as some of the products one may compare it to.
  • The popping sound it makes leaves a lot to be desired.

#3 Hisea Double Tail Grub Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Artificial Baits Bass Swimbaits

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  • The gummy texture reminiscent of real bass food attracts bass.
  • These lures wiggle, which makes bass think they are real fish and become more attracted to them.
  • There is a realistic look to these lures that allow then to resemble real fish.
  • They are easily retrieved.
  • They scoop and make a buzzing sound, which will attract a bass who thinks it is a real fish.


  • The rubber is a but flimsy and may not fool some fish.

#4 Booyah Pad Crasher

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  • These are softer than most lures and allow for more hook-ups as a result.
  • This is a wonderful value. The price is great for this quality.
  • This product is very realistic looking and will catch more fish as a result of its lifelike features.
  • The hooks are extremely sharp for catching the bass more quickly.It can hold eight to ten pounds; now that’s a large bass!
  • These lures can actually catch all freshwater gain, not just bass.


  • There are none!

#5 Sougayilang Dive Artificial Minnow Bait Plastic Hard Fishing Lures

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  • These have 3D fish eyes that make them more realistic.
  • The hooks are made of top quality metal that is sharp, which is great for catching your bass more easily.
  • They have laser lines to make them more attractive to the fish.
  • They are a great price and value for the type of lures these are.
  • The colors and details are impressive enough to fool even the wisest of fish.


  • There are none!

And the Winner is…

This was a close match, but we have to give it to the Booyah Pad Crasher. This lure is one of the most highly rated in the business and with all its fantastic features from realistic looks to supported weight, it is no wonder why so many fishermen love it.

Also, it can be used virtually any time of the summer: early, mid, or late.

You can use various techniques from frogging to skipping to punching with this lure, and they will continue all work, because of this products’ ability to lift such heavy fish despite its lightweight properties. When you fish with the right lure this summer and the right techniques, you can be sure to go home with a bucket full of fish.

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